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Also referred to as "hammer-heads", sledgewyvers are distant cousins of harpies. Physically, their traits look more reptilian than avian, tough scales being where feathers would, and their wings are draconic. Jutting from their forehead is a sky-blue bone plate, which forms a sort of natural helmet, incredibly hard and resistant. Sledgewyver possess many weapons. First is their powerful rending talons, capable of piercing and tearing through natural armor, and of course, their bony helm. It can pulverize rock and twist metal, and it's virtually indestructible. Lastly, they are adept at ice magic, concentrating while exhaling to launch an ice spear or to create an engulfing, freezing blast which can imprison several targets in ice blocks. They also use this frigid breath to keep their eggs at proper temperatures. Oddly, the eggs have to be kept very cold for their incubation to be successful. As such, they tend to the egg by exhaling intensely chilly breath on to it. The shell is highly coveted for its excellent resistance to cold.

Sledgewyvers live primarily in the colder regions such as Imoreith Tundra, but venture out of them during the mating season. They return to hatch their eggs and raise their chicks, the icy environment giving them an overall better advantage. As one could guess, they are formidable hunters; if it isn't enough that they can fly, their powerful legs and counterbalancing tail used as a rudder allow them to pursue their prey on the ground swiftly for short distances if they need to. Though sledgewyvers commonly live in groups, they rather prefer to hunt alone. Often their behavior is rather arrogant, as they always look for an occasion to prove their superiority to others, especially those in their group, with a good headbutt. They have a rather sinister reputation among males of other species. Sledgewyvers rarely leave their territory, and it is strongly discouraged for a potential mate to risk crossing their path by entering it. When the mating season arrives, they first search nearby, and then other areas if they don't at first find a suitable mate. Once they have spotted the victim, they knock him out with a violent headbutt and bring him to a place where they won't be disturbed. It isn't uncommon for the poor sap to wake up with a severe headache, a huge bump on the head and his genitals out in the open. Because of these tendencies, sledgewyvers aren't adept at forming solid, serious relationships with a partner. Some of them do successfully find consensual lovers however, though it is rare.

  • Credits goes to Shaman for the Sledgewyvers idea.