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Snow dryads live mainly on snowy mountains and plateaus.  Their trunks and skin are white, they have evergreen foliage, and are generally smaller than most dryads, growing to between 70 and 100 feet tall.  However, they make up for their short height with their powerful lungs.  They use them mostly to suck in prey from a distance, but can also blow an enemy right off an edge, or even freeze them.  They are obviously very resistant to any cold-based magic and some of them master a powerful blizzard spell that works very well when combined with their powerful air blasts. Snow dryads mostly feed on animals, but will eat humans at the first chance they get, seeing them as a all too rare and sweet delicacy.  Very few people ever manage to talk to a snow dryad, as it's usually impossible to even approach one without being vacuumed up and swallowed.

  • Credits goes to Mangamastermind for the idea of snow dryads.