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A species of sphinxes living in the Lamina mountain region.  They are usually 80 feet tall from head to ground.  Their appearance is basically the same as a regular sphinx, but their fur, skin, hair, and eye color are darker, usually black or brown.  They also give off the distinct smell of wet stone.  Stone sphinxes are solitary creatures, dwelling in the various caves of the Lamina region. One of their most remarkable abilities is that they can turn themselves into stone statues at will.  While in statue form they absorb nutrients from the ground in order to quell their appetite.  Their metabolism in statue form is extremely slow, in order to conserve energy, and their bodies also become incredibly tough and utterly immune to non-acidic poisons and venoms.  Stone sphinxes in statue form are completely aware of their surroundings, and can be considered to be in suspended animation. Stone sphinxes are the least voracious species of their kind, only needing to hunt once per year.  They spend most of their time in statue form, absorbing nutrients from the ground to stay healthy.  However, if prey comes near them, they have the habit of suddenly breaking out of statue form, gobbling up the prey, and then returning to their previous state, as if nothing had happened.  Stone sphinxes are obviously very patient creatures, and have the curious, and sometimes unnerving, trait of speaking very slowly.

  • Credits goes to Daimo for the stone sphinxes idea.

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