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Another mix between fairies and elementals, storm sprites are one of the most dangerous species of fairy on Felarya.  Not only are they extremely fast, but they can also turn themselves into pure magical energy (along with whatever they wear and anything (or anyone) they have inside them), allowing them to enter electrical circuits as a mean of transportation, or simply to destroy them.  This ability means that a storm sprite could infiltrate a very well defended base, eat some of its occupants (or play practical jokes such as disabling security turrets) and then exit at will. With their chaotic and fun-loving character, they pose an enormous threat to technologically advanced settlements.  Fortunately they are rare and need to "recharge" themselves from a nearby source of energy from time to time in order to stay healthy.  This source is usually a storm but could also be an energy generating reactor. Another scary ability they have is one called "flash digestion": if the fairy is in a hurry, they can literally disintegrate any prey in their stomach in mere seconds. They prefer to digest the good old fashion way though, and use it rarely. Storm sprites were the cause of the downfall of the Abandoned Vishmital outpost in the Great rocky fields.