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These dryads are usually much taller than their land based counterparts, with a light brown or orange skin.  They can blow a cloud of incapacitating spores which fogs the vision of their foes and makes them cough uncontrollably.  Some swamp dryads have sharp leaves on their heads which can be thrown like razor blades.  In the great marshes they are particularly hard to spot because the human part is very high above the ground and is often lost in the fog that covers the swamps.  Only the occasional loud noises from their stomach will give them away.  While an unlucky adventurer might not be able to see the dryad through the fog, they posses piercing eyesight that allows them to see through smoke or fog without any problems. Unlike most other dryads, swamps dryads seem to be able to develop multiple links with others beings. They tend to build themselves a huge personal network with neighboring creatures, like harpies and saurotaurans,becoming the center of a little eco-system.

=== Known Swamp Dryads ===