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Tajyms are a water-breathing species of elves, living in the east of the continent, past Prayaga island and around the shoreline of the region. They tend to have dark greenish-skins, long flowing hair and fins on their limbs. They are excellent swimmers, not quite able to challenge a mermaid of their size in term of raw speed, but they are very agile in water, able to make sharp turns and perform graceful figures. Tajyms are human-sized, save for a few exceptions. For mysterious reasons, perhaps some secret rituals or obscure magic, a "choosen one" will be periodically revealed among Tajym children. The young Tajym then experience a very rapid growth over the next few months, until they reach a giant size and become a  "Khajal", essentially the guardian of their tribe, protecting it from predators and other threats. It's interesting to note that the Khajal is never the leader, usually remaining humbly in service of the tribe, taking their new rank as a great honor bestowed upon them. In return, the tribe treat the Khajal with great respect, feeding them captured prey and showing warm affection. Many Tajyms master a powerful elemental magic, obviously focused on controlling water. They are a mercantile race and skilled merchants, loving to engage in trading with other species, and generally considered less haughty than most of their land-dwelling cousins.