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A calm and peaceful naga who enjoys relaxing in the hot springs near her home.  Terra lives in Chidokai forest, at the edge of the Soral swamp. She has a straightforward and understanding nature, enjoying comforting others, and is something of a philosopher.  She possess a curious mind and, while she always enjoys a good hunt and occasionally eats humans like other nagas, she also sees them as interesting and complex creatures, in other ways than just being food.  She's not that voracious for a giant naga, as she grows and eats many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Terra has great healing abilities, and her magic is primarily focused on agriculture and helping plants grow.

Born on a remote island, Terra and her sister moved inland after their tribe’s island was destroyed by a tidal wave.  Her blood sister was killed by the dridder Eshka, and Terra swore to avenge her. Terra has taken Rin under her protection and tends to see her as a "new" little sister.

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