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These are the smallest species of harpies in Felarya.  They have the wings of a hummingbird, which allow them to hover in midair, beating their wings at about eighty times a second for lift.  They can fly backwards as well, which grants them excellent maneuverability.  Although they can zip around to escape danger, their wings give off a telltale humming noise, which might alert predators to their presence. Much of their diet consists of starkala bugs and the nectar of flowers, which they lap up with their very long tongues.  They have a very high metabolism rate, and most of their efforts go to finding food to fuel their buzzing wings.

Because of their minuscule size, Trochili are typically very shy, hiding whenever they aren’t flying.  But when it comes time to mate, they will seek out any member of the tiny races - Neeras, Efrii or Tomthumbs - using their agility to cut them off from escape, then using their long, sinuous tongues to take away their will to escape, since Trochili are rather fragile and are very lightweight, and couldn't hope to hold even a small tiny by force. Coincidentally, they can be easily mistaken for small fairies with their zipping flight, as well as their buzzing wings, but this illusion lasts only a split-second.  Like tinies, Trochili tend to wind up as prey for many other species, but they are very adept at escape, making complex maneuvers to evade airworthy predators. Language among hummingbird harpies is, like the beating of their wings, very, very fast. Their language seems to consist of hurried insults, along with jerky movements, and then a sudden departure. One can only assume that they reach the ends of their arguments many times faster than other harpies, as their time is precious and finding food takes precedence over socializing. While Trochili usually don’t congregate for any length of time, they will gather in certain areas rich in food, and definitely in areas where potential mates are abundant.  Although this can put them in the same area as a neko looking for tinies as well... and nekos love hummingbird harpies, considering them a hard-to-catch, sweet delicacy!

  • Credits goes to Fish for the Trochili idea.