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Giant vampire squid-people, mysterious and very rarely encountered.  This ancient race of beings may have been the first offshoot from the common ancestor of all the cephaloid races, and may have actually existed alongside the ancestral race.  As a result, they have an uncanny knowledge about the past, present, and future along with a deep insight into the nature of other living beings.

They greatly value knowledge, even more than simply getting a meal.  If you draw a vetaela's attention, you can ask them a question.  If they know the answer, they will give it honestly, albeit sometimes in a complex or cryptic manner.  However, if you ask them a question, they will ask you a question in turn.  If you know the answer, you had better answer truthfully; if you don't know or attempt to lie, you have a high chance of getting eaten!  If you are able to answer it, the vetaela will merely let you be on your way, rarely giving you a second thought. What makes this question and answer game difficult, and the reason people rarely survive it... is that vetaela will only ask a question about something that they don't know.  Considering that they are ancient, and extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects, including many forgotten secrets, ancient magic and geography, knowing something that they don't may not be very easy.

  • Credits goes to TheQuantumMechanic, Zoekin, Shaman, Xeno the hedgehog, and Fish for the design of Cecaelias and their subspecies.