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Water sprites are a sort of mix between fairies and water elementals.  Their skin is light blue and their wings are not very developed, looking more like wide translucent fins than wings.  These allow the sprites to jump out of the water and glide for long distances.  Unlike other fairies, a sprite's power is not stored in its wings: they draw it from the surrounding water instead. Their body is partially made up of water and is extremely malleable.  Skilled water sprites can instantly transform their hands into blades, or stretch their arms into whips, for example. If their body becomes too damaged, a water sprite can leave it and make another body from some nearby water;  however this process takes a very long time and is very traumatic.  Unlike water elementals, it takes years for a water sprite to develop a body from water.  To avoid any outside interference, the deceased sprite's spirit will usually go to the rebirth chambers of the nearest tribe, where it's protected new body can be formed faster.  This ability to create a new body makes other fairies consider water sprites to be more elemental than fairy.  This is why water sprites generally prefer the company of water elementals with whom they usually get along with very well.