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An extremely rare species of harpies that has been spotted a few times near the eastern coast of the continent.  They are believed to come either from an isolated island, or from a far away continent over the sea. Wrath maidens are a sight to behold: they are truly huge, with majestic black and dark blue feathers, and often wear splendid jewels or crowns. Spotting one is seen as a very bad omen however, and each time their presence is mentioned in ancient tales, trouble soon followed. Little is known about them but, according to tales, a person standing in the same area as a wrath maiden will become grumpy and irritable, and when in her vicinity, this bad mood turns into rage. This anger is not directed toward the maiden but more toward any companions, or nearby creatures. An army would literally tear itself apart simply from being close to one of these creature. They are definitely very dangerous, as very few beings can totally resist their aura. Even other harpies are afraid of them. They seem to take immense pleasure in sowing discord and some mages have theorized that they actually feed on it.